Dr.Jart+ Shake & Shot Shaking Rubber Luminous Shot Review

One fact about me - I love masking! On this blog post, I'll be featuring Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot - Luminous Shot Shaking Rubber Mask. Well, that name took eternity to say. I thought Dr.Jart+ is a US brand but upon doing my quick research, it originated in Korea. Aside from the fact that this is first product I bought from this skincare line, this is also the first modeling mask I’ve ever tried so I am excited to share my thoughts on this one.

I find the packaging cute with a human face as the cup cover design. 

It’s very easy to use: pour the booster and liquid ampoule in the cup, close the lid and shake. 

Using the spatula provided, I spread the mask onto my face, waited for 15 minutes, peeled the mask (now turned to rubber) and voila! - a soft and moisturised face! You can follow it up with a favorite moisturiser but I don’t think my skin needed one anymore. It did not leave my skin tacky which is my concern all the time when using sheet masks. 

One cup can fill two persons’ face so I spread some on my daughter’s. 😂

There are also other variants of Dr.Jart+ Shake & Shot masks you can purchase from Sephora Philippines (links are provided on the description):

The only downside I am seeing on this product is the price. I bought mine from Sephora Philippines for P530. I can already buy about 10 Tony Moly sheet masks with Dr. Jart+. I guess apart from the result, you’re also paying for the entertainment of creating your own mask. Will I purchase this again? Yes but not frequent. ⭐️4/5

Note: This review has been edited and updated from my previous review of the same product in my Instagram account. Check out my Ig for other skincare product reviews.

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