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I believe that when a mom shimmers, she also shimmer with her kids. Last weekend, my daughter Thea picked Go Glam Nail Stamper as a gift from doing so well in school. This product is repeatedly aired in commercials in Disney channel like some kind of hypnotism to the kids. Well I think I was the one who got hypnotized the fact I was the one happier when Thea chose this over an LOL Surprise Doll. Ha! Because it’s something kikay, I knew in an instant that the three of us (including my youngest Aaliyah) will enjoy this product.

We bought this set in Toys R Us. Yes, we still have TRU in the Philippines.
Little mystery box/bag on this photo are not included.

Go Glam Nail Stamper

This Nail Stamper set is created by Spin Master and is said to be for kids 8 years old and up. 

Set inclusions:
  1. 1 Nail Stamper
  2. 5 Nail Stickers
  3. 3 Nail Polish ( Blue, Purple and a Clear Top Coat )
  4. 1 Nail File

 Cute colors! Our nails are always short so we're not able to use the nail file.

 There's pink nail polish but it comes in their refill set.

 These are the nail stickers: kittens, unicorn, hearts, flamingo and cupcakes. My favorite is the heart.

How to Play:

1. Apply nail polish. Thea chose the purple one.

2. While waiting for the nail polish to dry out (approximately 5 minutes), choose the sticker design you like.
Thea decided to start with the cupcakes first - it's her favorite dessert.

3. Attached the nail sticker holder into the stamper.

4. Place the fingers properly inside.

5. Continue with the other nails.

6. Don't forget the top coat.

7. Enjoy your nails.


  • It's good because...
  1. the colors of the set are really eye candy and catchy.
  2. it's user-friendly and we didn't have a hard time figuring out how the stamper works.
  3. this sets the kids' creativity with colors and mix-and-match designs.
  4. the product is reusable - the kids can play with this as long as they don't run out of nail polish and stickers.

  • Even Better If...

- they include pink nail polish in the set. My kids and I have a thing for pink. As stated above, this pink nail polish is in a refill set which costs another P599 and inclusive of another 2 nail stickers and a top coat. 

- the nail sticker rolls properly after being stamped. Some of the stickers are not fully printed on the nails which is a letdown. You can't do the same nail twice. We tried it, the designs overlapped and it didn't look good.

Solution: Half press the stamp until the pattern aligns to the middle of the stamper. 

Mommy thoughts:

As a mom, I need check out the price before splurging into a product because of a one-word rule: budget. This Go Glam Nail Stamper Set is priced at P1499. Maybe a bit pricey for a toy but my daughter really worked hard for it so we went ahead.

This product provides a good bonding experience for mommies and kids. Your kids can also use this with their friends instead of playing non-stop with gadgets. Over-all, it was a nice experience and we're looking forward to glam up our nails again.

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