Types of Mask That You Need in your Skincare Life

It is not a secret that masking is essential part of every skincare regimen. 

Although masks have been utilized over centuries, the first commercialized facial mask was called "Toilet Mask" and was invented by Madame Helen M. Rowley in 1857. She patented her invention which she called "Mask for Medical Purposes".

Take a look at this ad:

Now that's history! The fact that it's strapped on the head, it seems that this toilet mask is not too comfortable to wear. However, I would like to commend Madame Rowley for such an amazing beauty idea which paved way for other masks to be discovered.

Now let's go back to present as I have here the types of mask you may need in your life. I also included product recommendations that are tried and tested by yours truly.

1. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are individually packed sheet fabrics soaked in essences targeting a specific skin concern. The sheets which take the shape of the face are usually made up of cellulose, fiber or cotton and are put on the face for a certain amount of time.

Try Dr. Morita Platinum Colloid & Hematite Extraction Whitening Black Facial Mask.

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2. Clay Mask

Clay masks are made of minerals which are usually bentonite clay or volcanic ash. This type of face mask is very suitable for oily to combination skin. It aims to draw out skin impurities, minimize pores and controls sebum production. 

Try Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.

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3. Mud Mask

Although both came from the earth, mud however has hydrating effects to the skin whereas clay is a drying agent. Aside from cleansing, mud masks are known to improve blood circulation, restore skin tissues and rejuvenate the face.

Try Sephora Purifying Mud Mask.

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4. Peel-off Mask

You can't disagree with me when I say that peeling is quite satisfying to do. Peel-off mask takes away dead skin cells and surface dirt from the pores however too much of this may lead to irritation. Good news though! There are peel-off masks that actually provides nourishment to the skin.

Try Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Soothing Shot Shaking Rubber Mask.
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5. Overnight Mask

Also called sleeping mask, this type of mask is applied at bedtime and left on the face through the night for more thorough absorption and treatment. Wash it off in the morning to reveal a bright and hydrated skin.

Try Cosrx Low PH BHA Overnight Mask.

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These masks will definitely amp up your routine, just make sure you choose the correct products based on your skin type. Keep in mind that if you look after your skin today, your future self will shimmer and will thank you! 

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