Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Sheet Mask Review

Papa Recipe is a Korean beauty brand which introduces skincare goods created from nature’s best ingredients like plants, fruits and herbs. Before their brand launch on Beauty MNL on October 28, I’m very pleased that they sent me their best-selling product: Bombee Honey Sheet Masks! Not just that, they also gifted me with a honey jar inside the PR package! 

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Sheet Mask

DIY Evil Queen Snow White Halloween Costume for Kids

Halloween is a perfect reason to do what I enjoy: Do-It-Yourself costume! Yey! For this year, one of my girls became Snow White and the other was the Evil Queen. 

In the Philippines, the most popular Disney villain character (as of this writing I guess) is Maleficent and I am very certain that it is because of Angelina Jolie's film of the same name. Based on our experience with this costume, people didn't have a hint who my eldest daughter was until she was paired with Snow White. I relished the idea that the costume wasn't that mainstream to the point you can't buy a ready-made one.

Now I want to share with you my DIY Evil Queen costume. It's very easy!

Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Serum Review

What is your favorite part of skincare routine? Mine is serum! Before exploring skincare, I had nil idea what serums are about. Just in case you're in that stage at the moment: facial serums are highly concentrated liquid formulated to target a particular skincare issue. There are those intended for acne, for dull skin and also for aging. Since I have this certain fondness of serums, I was extremely happy when Thank You Farmer gifted me with one of their products: True Water Deep Serum!

Thank You Farmer is a Korean brand which imbibes our farmers’ concept of natural and farm-grown ingredients. The brand does not promise rapid results but through time, patience and efficacy of their products, it will lead to a skin which is bright, resilient and healthy.

Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Serum

True Water Deep Serum is an anti-wrinkle and brightening skincare product that works through sustaining moisture deeply into the skin. It is stated to be good for all skin types. 

Keep Cool and Soothe Lotion Review

I've been an Instagram follower of Keep Cool Global and it's very fortunate that I was selected to receive and review their latest product: Keep Cool and Soothe Lotion. Since I have a combination skin type living in a tropical country, I intently stay away from rich creams. Lotion is generally lighter than cream so it is my go-to product when it comes to moisturizing my face.

Keep Cool Global was founded in 2015. This Korean beauty brand offers skincare products that are developed using their own unique technology while adapting the tagline: Keep It, Stay Cool

Purito Centella Green Level Safe Sun SPF50+ PA++++ Review

If I am being honest, I only started to use a stand-alone sunscreen product in my skincare routine this year. Sorry if this statement made you flinch! Haha! I am on my early 30s so imagine how many years had gone without proper protection from the sun. Although I use sunblock immensely during beach trips, I thought daily UV defense from tinted moisturizers and compact powder will already suffice.

I saw a brand in Instagram called Purito and if I were to choose a product for hashtag: #InstagramMadeMeBuy, this is it: Centella Green Level Safe Sun SPF50+ PA++++.

Recellme 28 days A-Free Serum Review

Do you participate in Instagram giveaways? I did! Last August, I won a beauty giveaway in Instagram for the first time. One of the products I received was Recellme 28 Days A-Free Serum.

Recellme is a new Korean brand which was just launched this year. Having all-natural ingredients, the brand's objective is to work on pimple and acne concerns while providing anti-aging assistance at the same time. Its tagline is "An affordable luxury your skin deserves".