DIY Evil Queen Snow White Halloween Costume for Kids

Halloween is a perfect reason to do what I enjoy: Do-It-Yourself costume! Yey! For this year, one of my girls became Snow White and the other was the Evil Queen. 

In the Philippines, the most popular Disney villain character (as of this writing I guess) is Maleficent and I am very certain that it is because of Angelina Jolie's film of the same name. Based on our experience with this costume, people didn't have a hint who my eldest daughter was until she was paired with Snow White. I relished the idea that the costume wasn't that mainstream to the point you can't buy a ready-made one.

Now I want to share with you my DIY Evil Queen costume. It's very easy!

  • Cape - I bought one yard of black velvet fabric and cut a half-moon on the (middle) side. This is where I attached the collar. I used fabric glue to join to them together. 

  • Button - I cut red, yellow and white felt fabrics into circles. The white one is meant for the button to be thicker and sturdier. I sew a safety pin onto the circle (this will hold the cape in place) and glued the red one on top.

  • Rope - Using the same red felt fabric, I cut 3 long strands and braided them into 1 rope. Two red rubber bands were tied at both ends.

  • Crown - I used folder and our gold sheet of paper to create the Queen's crown.

Who's the fairest of them all?

  • Dress - I bought the lavender infinity dress from Shopee for only P300. I like that this dress can still be worn on different occasions.

  • Gloves and Balaclava - White gloves were also bought from Shopee. I asked for my husband's balaclava but ended up not using it. With the country's heat, it'll be uncomfortable for my daughter to wear one. Just in case you didn't notice, here's the Evil Queen's head piece:

As much as I want to DIY Snow White's, I really didn't have the time but nonetheless, my youngest enjoyed her costume the same as my Evil Queen with hers. So here's the final product! Happy Halloween!

P.S. Don't forget the apple. 

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