Keep Cool and Soothe Lotion Review

I've been an Instagram follower of Keep Cool Global and it's very fortunate that I was selected to receive and review their latest product: Keep Cool and Soothe Lotion. Since I have a combination skin type living in a tropical country, I intently stay away from rich creams. Lotion is generally lighter than cream so it is my go-to product when it comes to moisturizing my face.

Keep Cool Global was founded in 2015. This Korean beauty brand offers skincare products that are developed using their own unique technology while adapting the tagline: Keep It, Stay Cool

Keep Cool and Soothe Lotion

This skincare product is designed to balance oil and moisture levels. It has calming properties which makes it suitable for skin that's dry, irritated and sensitive. I have eczema (my hands) so this is a good reason to try this product.

Key ingredients: 
  • 51% Bamboo Water - strengthens the skin, helps in the production of collagen and has hydrating effects.
  • 2% Derma Clera™ -  a patented ingredient which has soothing benefits and suppresses inflammatory reaction of the skin.
  • 7 Layers of Hyaluronic Acida component that boosts moisture and skin's elasticity.

Application: In the morning, I apply this onto my face before my sunscreen. At night, this is the last part of my skincare routine. I use this on my body too!

Observation: The lotion comes in a 150 ml bottle. I noticed that the packaging colors: white and pastel bluish green are really cool in the eyes, hence, the "Keep Cool"  tagline. Just like any other lotions and emulsions, this product is lightweight and easily gets absorbed by the skin. Here's my commentary:

It's good because...
  1. it really moisturizes my skin and has a refreshing feels after application.
  2. it can be used not just on the face but because it's 150ml, you have a lot to put on your body.
  3. I did not have eczema flare-ups on my hands while using this product.
  4. it makes my skin supple in the morning.

Even better if..
  1. it has at least a mild soothing scent. I personally think that fragrance can be a calming factor to anyone and I believe this is what the brand is pursuing for. Have you smelled the fresh bamboo fragrance oil? Boy it's so relaxing! I was kind of expecting the lotion to smell the same because of its name.

Conclusion: It's a good thing that Keep Cool and Soothe Lotion is recommendable to all skin types. I share this lotion with my husband and he applauds how hydrating the product is. If you're into unscented skincare goodies, this one is perfect for you. For the most part, I am satisfied with this product and will suggest it to my siblings and friends.

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