Lupa Essentials Face Masks Review

Lupa Essentials Face Masks 

Lupa Essentials is a newly launched local skincare brand which offers hand-made face masks created from natural ingredients. I’m glad to be gifted with 3 of their products: Scar Fighter, Glow Booster and Coconut Rose.

Key ingredients

Application: Mix 1 tsp powder with half tsp water (I used milk instead). Slowly mix into paste and spread onto face. Leave mask on for 10-15 minutes then rinse. Milk, yogurt or any liquid can be used as substitute to water.

Observation: Aside from being packed in 10g ziploc pouches, all three masks have bead-like particles which are perfect for massaging and exfoliating the skin. Here are my experiences with each mask:

  • Scar Fighter - I love the smell of Turmeric in this mask - so relaxing! There’s a bit of itchiness I felt on my chin while using this but it subsided after a couple of minutes. However, I woke up with 2 small pimples on my forehead which I think is an indication of purging. They disappeared though as the day progressed.

  • Glow Booster - this smells like Cheese biscuits to me. The bead-like particles are softer on this one. I had to rinse off after 5 minutes because I felt itchiness all over. I got rash bumps on my face after using this so I don’t think this is for me.

  • Coconut Rose - Now this is the mask I like the most among the three. This product faintly smells like roses. The beads are coarser but I like it that way because I felt it really massaged my face. There’s the same glow I see with Innisfree’s Pore Clay Mask but I think this mask is even better because I didn’t feel any dryness after usage, only smooth and soft skin. This one is for keeps!

Conclusion: For my combination skin type, I highly recommend the Coconut Rose face mask. There are other variants to choose from such as: Milk+Orange, Matcha Mask, Lemongrass+Neem and Marshmallow+Oat. For the price of P350, you can get 3 of them and depending on your skin concern, Lupa Essentials will help you pick the right masks.

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