Bareface PH Clarifying Serum Review

Last month, I joined a giveaway contest hosted by Bareface PH, a promising local skincare brand and luckily won their Clarifying Serum and Detox Bar. This is one win out of hundred giveaways that I participated in Instagram! I like the fact that the products are Filipino-made given that I am enthused to explore our local skincare. In this review, I'll be talking about their serum.

Bareface PH Clarifying Serum

This vegan and cruelty-free serum is created for oily and acne prone skin.

Key ingredients: 
  • Grapeseed oil - an anti-inflammatory ingredient which also reduces the signs of pre-mature aging
  • Rosehip oil - help combat free radicals causing age spots and stimulates collagen production
  • Vitamin E oil - an anti-oxidant which reduces the appearance of scars
  • Lavender Essential oil - has anti-wrinkle benefits and soothes the skin

Application: After toner, pour 2-3 drops of serum on the palm, run a bit then apply on the face and neck.

Observation: The serum comes in a 15ml green glass bottle. When I tried the product for the first time, I put 3 drops directly on my face and I looked like a greasy mess. I realized later on that its ingredients are oils. The serum itself smells like books to me, I know it's weird but it's not a bad thing!

It's good because...
  1. this serum helps disappear pimples. I already ran out of Salicylic Acid so I use this especially when I see blemishes and it ceases them in a day or two. 
  2. has a visible brightening effect on the skin.
  3. it has moisturizing benefits.
  4. does not clog my pores nor trigger eczema.

Even better if...
  1. the serum is not too heavy on the face. I think this should be called a facial oil rather than a serum.
  2. I noticed that the label of the product "BareFace PH Clarifying Serum" can't be read clearly on the bottle unless I put it up against the sunlight.

Conclusion: As far as efficacy is concerned, the product performed really well on my combination skin. When I felt how heavy it was on my face, I thought it's going to clog my pores but I woke up with a bright, healthy-looking and dewy face in the morning. I will not be surprised with how stuffy it felt if it's marketed as a facial oil rather than a serum. The main ingredients are all oils to begin with. I used to be hesitant with oils but after my experience with this product, I realized it's not bad at all.

Clarifying Serum can be purchased for P480. Please visit their Facebook page for more details. 

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