Bellflower Idebenone Glowing Face Cream Review

Was there a time you didn't expect much from a product then you ended up liking it? This is my case with Bellflower Idebenone Glowing Face Cream. Originated from Korea, Bellflower made its way in the beauty industry through skincare solutions that are innovative and trustworthy, hence the tagline. They gifted me with one of their face creams and I thought it was just a typical moisturizer. Let me tell you why I was wrong.

Bellflower Idebenone Glowing Face Cream

SkinfluencersPH Grand Meet-Up Event

Skincare journey won't be as fun if you don't have friends to share the experience with. I am proud to be part of SkinfluencersPH, a group of micro beauty bloggers in the Philippines. We aim to unite the brands and the people who love and breathe skincare. As a group, we like to try new products and produce honest reviews through our social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and our blog sites.

On January 25, 2020, exactly Chinese New Year, the group held a grand meet-up event for all the members. The event happened at Mesa, SM Megamall where we had a nice lunch overflowing with food. 

The ladies behind the Instagram hashtag #SkinfluencersPH

MizuMi Extra Mild Facial Cleanser Review

Do you have a skincare product that you less get experimental with? For me, it's the first step of the routine - the cleanser! You see, I've been using the same cleanser for over 10 years now and I'm talking about a local product, Belo Essentials Pore Minimizing Facial Wash. Though I'm using other cleansers which work as good but I always repurchase the same product and sometimes not finishing the others I've opened. Sorry, not sorry. 

So it will be very challenging for MizuMi Extra Mild Facial Cleanser to earn a spot on the shower shelf. I received this from a PR kit sent to me by Styleright last December and after weeks of using this, I am now ready to pass the verdict. 

MizuMi Extra Mild Facial Cleanser

Papa Recipe Honey Moist Cream Review

When I was a kid, my mom used to feed me a spoonful of honey. Whenever I grimaced from the overwhelmingly sweet taste, my mom told me its health benefits as if it was a life lesson. Now, I don't have regular honey to snack on anymore but my face does. Honey is known to be naturally anti-inflammatory that's why this has been a life-saver of many. Recently, I was able to try another honey-related skincare product: Papa Recipe Honey Moist Cream. I've been a fan of the brand's Bombee Honey Mask so I'm curious how this product will fair on my skin. 

Papa Recipe Honey Moist Cream

OMG! Double Dare Red+Snail Mask + OMG! Red Hair Band Review

It's sheet-masking time! Another product I'm very excited about is the OMG! Red+Snail Mask. Style Korean #TryMeReviewMe is so generous to include a huge red OMG! Hair band. I decided to put these two products together in this review because sheet masking won't be enjoyable if there's nothing to keep your hair in place. I see this skincare couple like Jack and Rose, Allie and Noah, Joe and Love or Beck? Okay, I think I watched romance stuff way too much. 

OMG! Double Dare Red+Snail Mask

OMG! Double Dare Red Water Serum Review

Hello! This is the second part of my OMG! Double Dare review. If you haven't read my impressions about their moisturizer, please check it out here. I've been telling on my blog and on Instagram that my favorite part of skincare routine is Serum and I'm very glad that the PR kit includes one. Let me talk about this fine-looking skincare product.

OMG! Double Dare Red Water Serum

OMG! Double Dare Red MPR Glow Review

I was eyeing Style Korean's Try Me, Review Me event for a while now and finally, I was selected to be part of the program which features Double Dare. This American brand was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2017. One of their collections is the OMG! Red which is the PR kit I received. You can check out the Double Dare website here.

On this review, I will be talking about OMG! Double Dare Red MPR Glow.

OMG! Double Dare Red MPR Glow

MPR stands for Moisturizer + Primer + Repair.

Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Toner Review

Hello everyone! How's the start of the new decade going on for you? This is my first product review for 2020 and I am featuring a Korean skincare product from Thank You Farmer. If you can recall, I provided a review of their serum last year. I honestly have high expectations with this toner I'm about to review since I found their True Water Serum a holy grail product. 

Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Toner