OMG! Double Dare Red MPR Glow Review

I was eyeing Style Korean's Try Me, Review Me event for a while now and finally, I was selected to be part of the program which features Double Dare. This American brand was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2017. One of their collections is the OMG! Red which is the PR kit I received. You can check out the Double Dare website here.

On this review, I will be talking about OMG! Double Dare Red MPR Glow.

OMG! Double Dare Red MPR Glow

MPR stands for Moisturizer + Primer + Repair.

Key Ingredients:

  • 4 Rose Flower Complex - prevents the appearance of wrinkles and soothes skin
  • Patented BASAM Complex - anti-inflammatory and hydrates dull and dry skin
  • Safflower Seed Oil - acts as anti-oxidant to regenerate skin cells
  • 8 Pink Flower Extract - balances and calms skin

Application: During skincare routine, I get a pump of OMG! Double Dare Red MPR Glow and apply on my face and neck. I do this after putting serum. As a primer, I use this under foundation. 

Observation: The product comes in a attractive red bottle with 30 ml of MPR inside. It came with a small jet travel bag which can be used as a mini makeup or skincare kit. I can't deny that the packaging is fab! The moisturizer itself is white in color and has no scent. 

It's good because...
  1. it does not leave a white cast on the face.
  2. it's a bit tacky at first but once it gets absorbed, it gives off a nice dewy look.
  3. it doesn't feel heavy on the face and it moisturizes my skin the right way.
  4. for a primer, it makes the skin smooth under foundation.
  5. makeup lasts long.
  6. perfect for both day and night use.

Even better if... it's not too pricey. I plan to purchase this for myself after this product runs out. When I learned it's P1824 in Style Korean, I just said OMG! Maybe this is what their name is for. Kidding! 

Conclusion: I love this red baby so much! As a moisturizer, it makes my skin look healthy and glowing. As a primer, it helps makeup lasts through the day and makes my skin look unblemished. I always forget to use primer before makeup but it won't be the same anymore after my experience with this product. The price may be a bit up there but if you have the budget for it... girl, go for it! It won't disappoint. 

You can get OMG! Double Dare Red MPR Glow in Style Korean through this link

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