OMG! Double Dare Red Water Serum Review

Hello! This is the second part of my OMG! Double Dare review. If you haven't read my impressions about their moisturizer, please check it out here. I've been telling on my blog and on Instagram that my favorite part of skincare routine is Serum and I'm very glad that the PR kit includes one. Let me talk about this fine-looking skincare product.

OMG! Double Dare Red Water Serum

This serum aims to boost hydration and make the skin smooth and radiant looking.

Key ingredients:
  • 75% Coconut Water - balances and calms skin
  • 8 Pink Flower Complex - moisturizes and makes skin smooth
  • Ceramide - helps retain skin moisture
  • Panthenol - restores skin barrier's function
  • Patented BASAM Complex - has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties

Application: After toning, I apply a good amount on my face and neck. 

Observation: The bottle stands out because of its vibrant red color and looks almost the same as the Red MPR Glow. Together with the moisturizer, it came in a little jet travel bag. The packaging looks sophisticated, very instagrammable. The serum itself is runny and has a fruity sweet scent.

It's good because...
  1. it hydrates my skin and compliments with the MPR. 
  2. it gets absorbed easily and I didn't feel tackiness after application.
  3. I can see my pores shrink a bit. 
  4. I wake up to a radiant and healthy-looking skin in the morning.
  5. I didn't have any eczema reaction.

Even better if... the scent is a little subtle. The serum smells very sweet and this is one thing to be considered if you are very particular with fragrance.

Conclusion: When it comes to performance, I only have good thoughts! This makes my skin bright and my pores smaller. This serum provides amazing results! So if you have no issues with fragrance, this might be your next holy grail product. 

You can purchase this OMG! Double Dare Red Water Serum for P1668 in Style Korean. This is the link

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