OMG! Double Dare Red+Snail Mask + OMG! Red Hair Band Review

It's sheet-masking time! Another product I'm very excited about is the OMG! Red+Snail Mask. Style Korean #TryMeReviewMe is so generous to include a huge red OMG! Hair band. I decided to put these two products together in this review because sheet masking won't be enjoyable if there's nothing to keep your hair in place. I see this skincare couple like Jack and Rose, Allie and Noah, Joe and Love or Beck? Okay, I think I watched romance stuff way too much. 

OMG! Double Dare Red+Snail Mask

This sheet mask intends to hydrate, firm and enhance the skin's overall appearance.

Key Ingredients:

Application: I make sure that my face is clean and dry before using any mask. After peeling off the mesh, I fit the OMG! Red+Snail Mask onto my face. I remove it after 10-20 minutes, pat the remaining essence and let it dry.

Observation: Just like the other OMG! products that came in the kit, this sheet mask has a lovely packaging. The fabric is very soft but can not be easily ripped. It's a good thing that it came with a film liner making the application effortless. The essence looks gluey yet it has a nice sweet scent, less overpowering than the serum. 

As with the OMG! Red Hair Band, it came securely in a box. It's the biggest hair band I've used in my life! 

The sheet mask is good because... 

  1. it makes my skin moisturized and refreshed.
  2. the brightening effect lasts even until the following day.
  3. the essence may look and feel tacky at first but it gets absorbed by the skin after minutes. In my case, it took 10 minutes but I think it'll be faster with the AC on.
  4. the soft fabric makes the adherence comfortable on my face.
  5. the sheet mask holds almost all the essence in the pack making sure that they get on the face.
  6. the scent of the mask is just right and it's actually relaxing.
  7. it does not clog my pores.

The Red Hair Band is good because...

  1. it feels very cozy and it didn't feel tight on my head.
  2. it's very stretchy and easy to wear.
  3. it can be a good accessory to your skincare selfie. Something to post on Instagram!

Even better if... None!

Conclusion: Okay, I got to say this: OMG! Why? Because both these products are amazing! Aside from providing moisture to the skin, the sheet mask gives off an undeniable and long-lasting glowing effect. I expected that this mask will feel tacky however I'm surprised how a gooey essence gets fully absorbed by the skin. This sheet mask is definitely a holy grail for me! The hair band on the other hand is very functional and comfy and I'm actually wearing it the whole time I'm writing this review. 

You can purchase these beauties (P417 for the hair band and P206 per sheet mask) at Style Korean. This is the door to your sheet mask party

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