Papa Recipe Honey Moist Cream Review

When I was a kid, my mom used to feed me a spoonful of honey. Whenever I grimaced from the overwhelmingly sweet taste, my mom told me its health benefits as if it was a life lesson. Now, I don't have regular honey to snack on anymore but my face does. Honey is known to be naturally anti-inflammatory that's why this has been a life-saver of many. Recently, I was able to try another honey-related skincare product: Papa Recipe Honey Moist Cream. I've been a fan of the brand's Bombee Honey Mask so I'm curious how this product will fair on my skin. 

Papa Recipe Honey Moist Cream

Contains Water Drop Cream formula, this product provides protection and nourishment to the skin.

 Application: I use this cream after serum. Since my nose tends to get oily, I apply dots of cream on the sides on my face and work my way to the middle. 

Observation: The product contains 50 ml of Honey Moist Cream packed inside a plastic jar. The cream itself is cloudy white in color and has no fragrance. 

It's good because...
  1. it effectively removes the dry patches on the upper side area of my face. I like how this cream soothe these itchy areas.
  2. it does not clog my pores.
  3. as a sleeping mask, it makes my skin look healthy and plump in the morning.

Even better if...
  1. the jar is not plastic. I smelled the cream from the jar the first time I opened it and I thought it smells awful then I realized it's just the container.
  2. a spatula is included. The jar is not that small so a spatula will be appreciated for hygienic purposes. 

Conclusion: I'm glad that this product was able to calm the itchy patches on my forehead. This cream may seem to have a powdery matte-like finish however, it doesn't compliment with rich serums or emulsions. My nose gets noticeably oily and maybe I have to blame it on the humidity. No questions on its soothing and moisturizing benefits but I recommend this mostly to those who have dry skin. I'm planning to use this on my body too like on my elbows and knees and once my eczema flares up. 

You can purchase Papa Recipe Honey Moist Cream in Beauty MNL for P1099. 

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