Apotheke Science Detoxifying Face Mask Review

Masking has been a favorite part of my skincare routine. I enjoyed every part the same way I enjoyed writing about it in one of my articles: Types of Masks You Need in your Skincare LifeI've already ran out of clay masks and just like the Powerpuff Girls saving the day, here comes a Filipino brand, Apotheke Science and their best-selling Detoxifying Face Mask. I got this together with their Niacinamide through SkinfluencersPH event. According to my know-it-all best friend Google, Apotheke is pronounced as a-po-ti-kuh and it means chemist's shop. Let's see if this mask is as fetching as its name.

Apotheke Science Detoxifying Face Mask

In Her Element Butterlips Conditioning Color Swatches and Review

Gone are the days when you have to choose between skincare and makeup: lip balm or lipstick? In Her Element, a proud Filipino brand, just released a new addition to their cosmetics line: Butterlips Conditioning Color! This product does not only hydrate but it also adds a nice and succulent color to the lips. It comes in 3 shades which are inspired by the Filipino folklore goddesses: Mayari, the goddess of the moon; Tala, the goddess of the stars and Hanan, the goddess of morning. 

In Her Element Butterlips Conditioning Color

Bioskin Coco Piña Colada Essence Toner Review

Living in a tropical country where pineapples and coconut trees are abundant, is it weird to say that these are my least favorite fruits? "Hershey, if you don't want to snack on them at least put them on your skin.", Bioskin Coco must have psychic powers to know this and let me pick me their Piña Colada Essence Toner as a gift. This brand is proudly Filipino and utilizes Fermented Virgin Coconut Oil as the base ingredient of their skincare products.

Bioskin Coco Piña Colada Essence Toner

Etude House Play Color Eyes Mini Hershey’s Original Swatches and Review

Raise your hand if you're a chocolate-lover and a Kbeauty fan at the same time! You've probably seen this all over social media: Korean brand Etude House has the sweetest collaboration with Hershey's! Okay, I'm not talking about myself here but the popular chocolate brand. Hehe! The palette collection or what they call Etude House Play Color Eyes Mini Hershey’s, came in two limited edition variants: Cookies N' Cream and the Original. I, without a doubt and second glance at my no buy-low buy rule, purchased the latter from Korea. I just can't.

Etude House Play Color Eyes Mini Hershey’s

Jumiso All day Vitamin Clean & Mild Facial Cleanser Review

Jumiso was one of the first brands I discovered during my noob days in skincare. Just in case you didn't know, Jumiso's name evolved from two Korean words: Ju which means Give and Miso which means SmileI'm glad to receive their latest product - All day Vitamin Clean & Mild Facial Cleanser! If this cleanser is a 90s singer, she'd be Vitamin C for obvious reasons. Like one of her songs said, let's see if this product was able to put a smile on my face. ♫Whacha gonna do, say, whacha gonna do.♫

Jumiso All day Vitamin Clean & Mild Facial Cleanser

Pinctada South Sea Pearl Serum Review

Do you remember my review about Pinctada South Sea Pearl Soap? Apparently, this Filipino brand offers another product - the South Sea Pearl Serum! This product also contains pearl powder generated from pearl farms in Palawan, Philippines. Hurray to local skincare!

Pinctada South Sea Pearl Serum

Aloe Activator Review

Fom Honey to Calamansi, here's another skincare ingredient that reminds me of childhood. I remember having Aloe Vera plant in our backyard and my Dad used to put this white thing on his head like a shampoo. This means for sure that natural ingredient never goes out of style.

I received this Aloe Activator through our Skinfluencers Ph event. This product is interesting because it is multi-functional. For starter, I used this as my daily toner.

Aloe Activator

NoTS Centella Cover [Tea Tree] Review

The first time I heard of NoTs was when I received this Centella Cover [Tea Tree] Spot Concealer from Lipstick Plz. NoTS or Noble Through Skin, is a cosmetics brand founded in Korea. I've been using concealers since college days and I apply mostly on my dark and puffy eye bags. Looking back, I realized I have only used 3 brands in my life: Max Factor, Maybelline and The Face Shop so this KBeauty baby is a surprise addition to this short and sweet list.

NoTS Centella Cover [Tea Tree]

Helena Skin Calamansi Fruit Peel Soap Review

The universe must be listening when I said I want to explore local skincare finds this 2020. Through Skinfluencers Ph, I received a locally-made product: Calamansi Fruit Peel Soap by Helena Skin. Calamansi is very popular citrus fruit in the Philippines and somehow similar to lime. It's been a while since I used skincare products with this fruit and I remember so well using Eskinol Calamansi during my teenage years, hehe! Years passed but we still can't deny that calamansi has many benefits and I'm glad that it's making a comeback through Helena Skin. 

Helena Skin Calamansi Fruit Peel Soap