Aloe Activator Review

Fom Honey to Calamansi, here's another skincare ingredient that reminds me of childhood. I remember having Aloe Vera plant in our backyard and my Dad used to put this white thing on his head like a shampoo. This means for sure that natural ingredient never goes out of style.

I received this Aloe Activator through our Skinfluencers Ph event. This product is interesting because it is multi-functional. For starter, I used this as my daily toner.

Aloe Activator

Aloe activator is a unique moisturizer in liquid form featuring over 98% Aloe Vera gel. This simple formula uses the power of Aloe to leave skin feeling refreshed and soothed from the moment it touches your face. - Forever Living

Key Ingredient: 
  • Aloe Vera - has anti-inflammatory properties, calms skin and boosts collagen production

Application: As a toner, I wet a cotton ball and apply on my face. It can also be used as the last step of the routine to seal in all the skincare ingredients.

Observation: The product comes in a 130 ml blue bottle. The liquid is clear and watery and it smells like Hydrogen Peroxide. I used this as a toner for a week and here are my thoughts:

It's good because...
  1. my skin looks healthy and hydrated.
  2. it does not trigger eczema on my hands.
  3. I can feel that my face is thoroughly cleansed when using this product.
  4. does not have any squeaky feels after application.
  5. it can be transferred to a smaller spray bottle to be used as an instant hydration boost.

Even better if... the scent is nicer. I am okay with the Hydrogen Peroxide-ish scent but I think it's much better that the smell won't remind me of hospitals and clinics.

Conclusion: This one-for-all product may confuse people who haven't heard the brand yet. When I look up the product online, it's tagged as a moisturizer, a skin conditioner, a cleanser, come on, what is it really for? There's got to be a main thing!

In general, I found a lot of good benefits in this product as a toner so I'll continue using this in my routine.

Check out Aloe Activator through Instagram page. 

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