Bioskin Coco Piña Colada Essence Toner Review

Living in a tropical country where pineapples and coconut trees are abundant, is it weird to say that these are my least favorite fruits? "Hershey, if you don't want to snack on them at least put them on your skin.", Bioskin Coco must have psychic powers to know this and let me pick me their Piña Colada Essence Toner as a gift. This brand is proudly Filipino and utilizes Fermented Virgin Coconut Oil as the base ingredient of their skincare products.

Bioskin Coco Piña Colada Essence Toner

This essence toner aims to clear and protect the skin from blemishes and other skin concerns.

Key Ingredients:
  • Fermented Virgin Coconut Oil - anti-bacterial and moisturizing benefits
  • Witch Hazel Extract - reduces skin irritation and inflammation
  • Pineapple Fruit Extract - brightens skin tone

Application: Wet cotton ball and apply gently on the face and neck.

Observation: The 120ml essence toner comes in a pump container that has a pineapple photo. Bioskin coco products have nice packaging that reminds me of tropical vibes, beaches and fruit shakes. The liquid itself is runny and yellow in color.

It's good because...

  1. the toner is non-tacky and gets absorbed by the skin easily.
  2. it does not make the skin tight and dry after using.
  3. for 120 ml toner, it's only P265 in Bioskin Coco's Shopee page.

Even better if... 
  1. the scent is less overwhelming. It has a fragrance that resembles Grandpa's perfume and is the most overpowering one I've encountered in my skincare life.
  2. people sensitive to alcohol should know that this product has Alcohol Denat or also known as Ethyl Alcohol.

Conclusion: To be honest, I stopped using this essence toner after my 4th use because I really can't stand the scent. It lingers even after I finish my entire skincare routine. I like that this product is local but sadly, this one is not for me. 

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