Helena Skin Calamansi Fruit Peel Soap Review

The universe must be listening when I said I want to explore local skincare finds this 2020. Through Skinfluencers Ph, I received a locally-made product: Calamansi Fruit Peel Soap by Helena Skin. Calamansi is very popular citrus fruit in the Philippines and somehow similar to lime. It's been a while since I used skincare products with this fruit and I remember so well using Eskinol Calamansi during my teenage years, hehe! Years passed but we still can't deny that calamansi has many benefits and I'm glad that it's making a comeback through Helena Skin. 

Helena Skin Calamansi Fruit Peel Soap

A soap that is formulated to brighten and even out skin tone.

Application: I don't use bar soaps on my face so I use this on my body.

Observation: The product comes in a simple packaging. The soap itself is square-shaped, white in color and has beads in it. It has a refreshing scent but not citrusy or calamansi-ish.

It's good because...

  1. I like how the beads exfoliate and massage my skin during shower - so relaxing!
  2. the soap foams up well.
  3. the fragrance is nice and not over-the-top. 
  4. it does not dry out but makes my skin smooth and soft. 

Even better if... the soap is not too strong for someone who has eczema (on my hands). To be fair with the brand, they explicitly mention that those who have sensitive skin should be careful when using this soap.

Conclusion: My hands may itch due to eczema but the good effects of this soap are visible on the other areas of the body. I recommend to use this as a body scrub thrice a week for brighter and smoother skin. 

You can purchase this product for P170. Helena Skin has two other soap variants: Snail Arbutin Lightening Soap and Pink Guava + Apple Cider Vinegar. Check them out on Facebook: Helena Skin PH


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