Shines Pure Skin Lotion Review

Similar with face cleansers, I am also not experimental with body lotion products. To be honest, I am only using one brand because of my eczema condition. There are also lotions that make the skin feel sticky especially here in the Philippines where the weather is tropical

I'm delighted to be using a local skincare product which is Shines Pure Skin Lotion. It's been a regular in my routine for weeks now and let me tell you how this product changed my skincare experience.

Shines Pure Skin Lotion

Dr & Co Silky Sun Milk SPF 50+ PA++++ Review

When I ask my friends what is their favorite sunscreen, I often hear Biore, Dear Klairs and Belo. But amid all the popular sunscreen brands in the market today, is an underrated product called Dr & Co Silky Sun Milk. This sunscreen was gifted to me by Lipstick Plz

About the brand: Dr & Co is a KBeauty brand that offers skincare products created for modern day people. It aims to lessen the stress and give comfort to the skin. 

Dr & Co Silky Sun Milk SPF 50+ PA++++ 

BlingPop Shea Butter Healing Nail Pack Review

Face masking has been a custom in our skincare routine. But have you tried nail masking? BlingPop, a Korean cosmetics brand offers not just sheet masks for our faces and feet but also for our beloved nails. BlingPop was kind to gift me this Shea Butter Healing Nail Pack. It's my first nail mask ever and I am excited to share my thoughts on this product.

BlingPop Shea Butter Healing Nail Pack

Agdigus Essentials Review

A person who says that shower does not bring happiness must have not taken a good bath in his life. This Filipino brand was created to level up every person's shower experience. Agdigus Essentials offers handcrafted products and interestingly, their name came from an Ilocano word: agdigos which means to shower. I am lucky to experience three of their best-sellers: Activated Charcoal Soap, Vit E + Aloe Face and Body Cream and Witch Hazel Facial Toner

The Plant Base Mielrose Petal Essence Review

90s vibes here! I was talking about Charmed on my other review and then this product reminds me of the Melrose Place, another TV show in the 90s. If you're not familiar with it, it's similar to Beverly Hills 90210 only that (I think) the latter is more popular. Let me introduce the 4th The Plant Base product Style Korean sent me: Melrose oh I mean Mielrose Petal Essence and it has real rose petals! So if you like flowers and skincare, you might want to check this out.

The Plant Base Mielrose Petal Essence

The Plant Base AC Clear Magic Foam A1+ Review

I shared with you that I have had a lot of breakouts during my teenage years. Too bad I resorted to products being advertised on TV and they weren't effective. I wish KBeauty products exists at the time like this cleanser: The Plant Base AC Clear Magic Foam A1+ . This face cleanser was gifted to me by Style Korean for Try Me, Review Me event. I may have a normal-combo skin by now but let's see how this product will work on my face and if teenage self will like this. 

The Plant Base AC Clear Magic Foam A1+

The Plant Base Time Stop Collagen Ampoule Review

Have you watched the late 90s series Charmed? The show was about 3 sisters Prue, Piper and Phoebe who were witches and have powers. My favorite among the three was Piper because she had the power to stop time. When I was a kid, I daydreamed that I can freeze the clock so I can go to the mall and get all the clothes that i want without the sales people noticing. Crazy thoughts, huh.

Somehow related to time-stopping is The Plant Base Time Stop Collagen Ampoule. To be forever 21 is impossible but let's see how this product can be the Piper in our skincare adventure. (This is my second The Plant Base product review for Style Korean's Try Me, Review Me event.) 

The Plant Base Time Stop Collagen Ampoule 

The Plant Base AC Clear Moisture Pure N Cream Review

It's March and Summer says hello. There's a joke that Philippines has two types of weather: hot and hotterWhile I check my stash with enough sunscreen to protect me, I see to it that I also have other skincare products that suit the season. I remember using this body lotion and my skin was awkwardly sticky under the heat of the sun. The humidity in the Philippines can be challenging I tell you. So during summer, my skincare routine should be comfortable amidst the hot weather and of course, effective.

The Plant Base is a Korean brand that offers natural cosmetics for the entire family. Style Korean sent me 4 of their products for a Try Me, Review Me event and my first impression tells that they are summer-friendly. This is the first part of my review and let me share with you my thoughts about their moisturizing cream.

The Plant Base AC Clear Moisture Pure N Cream