Shines Pure Skin Lotion Review

Similar with face cleansers, I am also not experimental with body lotion products. To be honest, I am only using one brand because of my eczema condition. There are also lotions that make the skin feel sticky especially here in the Philippines where the weather is tropical

I'm delighted to be using a local skincare product which is Shines Pure Skin Lotion. It's been a regular in my routine for weeks now and let me tell you how this product changed my skincare experience.

Shines Pure Skin Lotion

This lotion provides moisture, lightens dark spots and firms skin. It also has SPF 50.

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin B3 - also known as Niacinamide, it refines skin texture.
  • Vitamin C - protects the skin from free radical damage.
  • Vitamin A - has anti-aging benefits
  • Collagen - anti-wrinkle and strengthens the skin 

Observation: The 250 ml lotion comes in a pump bottle dispenser. The lotion has a creamy texture and smells clean with a hint of floral. 

It's good because...
  1. the lotion gets absorbed easily by the skin.
  2. it does not feel sticky, perfect on hot summer days.
  3. it smells nice and not overwhelming.
  4. I can feel the moisturizing effect on my skin.
  5. very affordable for a price of P250.
  6. it already has SPF 50 to protect the skin.
  7. it does not trigger eczema

Even better if... none.

Conclusion: As for the whitening claims or should I say to "even out the skin tone", I have a fair skin already so there's not much to say. Although I have to honestly comment  that the Vitamins B3, A and C are ingredients known to brighten the skin and not make the skin literally whiter. Nonetheless, I am still impressed that Shines Pure Skin Lotion is an all-around product and works impeccably against our hot and humid climate. I also like that the price is reasonable and it is readily available on Shopee Ph for purchase. 

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