The Plant Base AC Clear Moisture Pure N Cream Review

It's March and Summer says hello. There's a joke that Philippines has two types of weather: hot and hotterWhile I check my stash with enough sunscreen to protect me, I see to it that I also have other skincare products that suit the season. I remember using this body lotion and my skin was awkwardly sticky under the heat of the sun. The humidity in the Philippines can be challenging I tell you. So during summer, my skincare routine should be comfortable amidst the hot weather and of course, effective.

The Plant Base is a Korean brand that offers natural cosmetics for the entire family. Style Korean sent me 4 of their products for a Try Me, Review Me event and my first impression tells that they are summer-friendly. This is the first part of my review and let me share with you my thoughts about their moisturizing cream.

The Plant Base AC Clear Moisture Pure N Cream

AC in skincare means Acne Care/Control. This product claims to soothe acne and complex skin while providing deep moisture at the same time.

Key Ingredients:
  • Centella Asiatica (76%) - has anti-oxidant properties and calms skin inflammation
  • Tea Tree Oil - soothes red and irritated skin
  • Adenosine - has anti-aging and moisturizing benefits
  • Niacinamide - skin brightening effect

Application: I use this cream after my daily serum. I take an ample amount and massage directly to my face.

Observation: The 55 ml cream comes in a box and in a sturdy baby blue glass jar. It has a faint fruity and flowery scent. The gel-like texture is cloudy white in color.

Spatula not included in the box.

It's good because..

  1. the cream feels cool and refreshing on my face.
  2. my skin easily takes in the cream during application.
  3. it does not feel heavy and it's perfect for daytime use.
  4. gives a brightening effect.
  5. it makes my skin soft and supple.

Even better if.. I hope it comes with a spatula so I won't scoop it up with my finger. Good thing I have a spare one to use. 

Conclusion: I think I am lucky that my skin is not pimple-prone so I can't say something about acne care. But when it comes to its moisturizing and brightening claims, I am very satisfied! My husband even mentions how soft my face is. Those who have dry skin may not find this hydrating enough but those who have oily type can benefit a lot from this product. This cream is perfect for the Philippine weather and came to me just in time for summer.

You can purchase The Plant Base AC Clear Moisture Pure N Cream for P1662 in Style Korean. Here's the link to a moisturized skin >

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