The Plant Base Mielrose Petal Essence Review

90s vibes here! I was talking about Charmed on my other review and then this product reminds me of the Melrose Place, another TV show in the 90s. If you're not familiar with it, it's similar to Beverly Hills 90210 only that (I think) the latter is more popular. Let me introduce the 4th The Plant Base product Style Korean sent me: Melrose oh I mean Mielrose Petal Essence and it has real rose petals! So if you like flowers and skincare, you might want to check this out.

The Plant Base Mielrose Petal Essence

This Petal Essence Mist aims to nourish the skin and provide anti-aging benefits.

Key Ingredients:
  • Rosa Damascena Flower Extract (75%) - conditions and moisturizes skin
  • Honey - antioxidant and helps fight skin impurities
  • Adenosine - restores skin and has anti-wrinkle properties

Application: I use this as the last step of my routine to seal in all the skincare products I applied on my face. 

Observation: The 100 ml essence comes in a spray bottle. The rose petals inside gave the product a sophisticated appearance. The essence do smell like roses and it's not overpowering.

It's good because...
  1. the essence is easily dispersed from the bottle and does not sting my eyes.
  2. the mist gets absorbed by the skin effortlessly.
  3. no oily feels or residue.
  4. gives a refreshing feeling after use.
  5. the bottle can be carried around and use once needed.

Even better if... none!

Conclusion: To be honest, I am not a really fan of mist but I think I am changing my mind because of this product. Not only this essence mist has anti-aging properties but it is also a good way to hydrate my skin this summer season. I like that it can be placed and get from my bag the moment I need emergency hydration. I also use this product on my hair for added moisture

Give yourself roses - in skincare! Get The Plant Base Mielrose Petal Essence for P1016 in Style Korean

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