I'm From Mugwort Mask Review

If I would start a hashtag for Instagram, it would be #QuarantineMadeMeBuy. So last month, I got bored and was also a bit annoyed that my PR products from Korea can't be delivered to me. I online purchased I'm From Mugwort Mask which was in my Forever Wishlist. I haven't seen an actual mugwort yet but the rave about it made me check out the cart that's been sitting for ages.

I'm From Mugwort Mask

A wash-off mask that gently soothes irritated and sensitive skin

Key Ingredient:
  • Mugwort - harvested from Ganghwa County in Korea, this ingredient helps detoxify skin and sustain with vitamins and minerals.

Application: After cleansing, take an ample amount of mask and spread on the face. Wash thoroughly after 5-10 minutes.

Observation: Quite heavy, this 110g mask is housed in a sturdy jar. My husband jokingly said that the mask looks like bagoong, a Filipino condiment made of fermented fish or shrimp. My kids also said I have dirt on my face. Lol. But when looked closely, the texture is gelatinous and smells earthy, waaaay different from bagoong.

It's good because...
  1. the mask provides instant brightening effect that lasts for days.
  2. my pores are noticeably smaller after using.
  3. it has cooling sensation when applied on the skin. 
  4. I had no irritation and even calmed a pimple. 
  5. the product came with a spatula. (This is always a plus point for me.)

Even better if... it’s easy to rinse. The jelly-like consistency makes it a chore to wash the mask completely from my face.

Conclusion: Mugwort Mask is not really new in the skincare world. It costs around $30 in Wishtrend.com or around P1500 in Shopee and Lazada. It maybe quite expensive but with all the benefits it bring, I feel it's worth the price. I think this product may discourage those who don't like wet soil or woodsy scents. It may be tedious to rinse but for me, this is still one of the best wash-off masks in the market. My only regret here is I should have bought this a long time ago. 

Getting I'm From Mugwort Essence soon! Have you tried this product before?

Buy I'm From products through this link.


  1. You are making me want it! Syempre add na sa wishlist! Great review Dear! 😘❤️

  2. Definitely adding this on my wishlist

    1. I read the Mugwort essence from your Ig post. That's on my wishlist hehe!

  3. I've heard good things about this! Wishlisting ��

  4. I just bought this one! Much cheaper in Rrkoreanshop at 900+ only! I love how thos instantly calms my zits!

  5. Never actually thought that this had a jelly consistency! The bit about bagoong made me laugh 😂😂 grabbing a mini of this if it's available tho I wish they can reformulate it to be a bit easier to rinse off.