Benton Tea Tree Serum Review

One thing I admire about beauty brands is their persistence in creating new products every now and then. Benton, a Kbeauty brand, has formulated a latest addition to their line, the Tea Tree Serum. This is not the first time I've used Tea Tree in my skincare routine and as a matter of fact, it is a well-known ingredient in cosmetics. I used a different brand of Tea Tree serum before and I am actually more impressed with Benton's. Let me tell you why.

Benton Tea Tree Serum

This serum contains a large amount of tea tree and botanical ingredients that provides immediate calming effect to skin. It has slightly acidic pH and completed hypoallergenic test.

Key Ingredients:
  • Tea Tree - 80% of the serum contains this ingredient. It provides relief to redness and inflammation. It also balances oil-moisture level of the skin.
  • Betaine - softens skin texture and makes skin look more energetic.
  • Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate - an ingredient derived from Licorice Root that helps protect skin by providing excellent soothing properties.

Application: After toner, apply an adequate amount on the face. Massage onto skin until thoroughly absorbed. For areas on face that need extra soothing, moisten a cotton pad with the serum and put it on the area for 5 minutes.

Observation: The 30 ml serum comes in a minimalist packaging, simple yet forthright. The serum is housed in a plastic airless pump container. It doesn't have any scent. The consistency is watery which provides moist feeling once applied to skin.

It is good because:
  1. it effectively dried out my pimples. I was having the time of the month when I started using Tea Tree serum and those nasty little bumps disappeared on the 3rd day of usage!
  2. it does not feel sticky after application.
  3. because the product is unscented, this is perfect for people sensitive with fragrance.
  4. it makes my skin glowing, supple and healthy-looking!

Even better if... none!

Conclusion: I only have nice things to say about this product. I use this everyday and for me, it was able to successfully deliver what it promised for: soothes and protects. The effects are more noticeable than the previous Tea Tree serum I've tried. I recommend this serum to those who have oily and combination skin type, skin that gets easily irritated by external stressors or makeup and sensitive skin which needs relief and comfort. If you don't have any of these issues but you need a product to simply revitalize your skin, this one is also for you. You did it Benton! Congratulations!

You can purchase Benton Tea Tree Serum for around P980 in Shopee. 

Product gifted by Benton for review purposes.

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