Kure Skin Facial and Body Cleansing Brush Review

I've seen a lot of skincare and beauty bloggers using cleansing devices in their routine. I didn't think of getting one because honestly, I felt that it's not necessary but I'm always curious. My curiosity ended when I was given an opportunity to try one. Kure Skin reached out and sent me their beautiful Facial and Body Cleansing Brush.

Kure Skin Facial and Body Cleansing Brush

Kure Skin offers cleansing device for optimum skincare experience. This brush aims to effectively cleanse and massage the skin through vibration and bristles. The product comes in three colors: nude pink, blue and black.

Observation: The cleansing brush came securely in a box. The charging tools are included in the package so that means it is not battery-operated

While charging

There are two sides of the device: the smaller bristles are for the face whereas the slightly bigger ones are for the body.


It's good because...
  1. The bristles are so soft, it didn't hurt my face at all.
  2. It effectively massages my skin and can be a good physical exfoliator too.
  3. It leaves my face soft and smooth after usage!
  4. It's a good alternative to Foreo which is way more expensive.

Even better if... none.♥

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Conclusion: I actually felt quite dizzy while using this device for the first time. I learned that it should be used in a slower motion and I just need to make adjustments with the level of vibration. While I still think of this device as something optional in skincare, the benefits it bring make this product a great addition in the routine.

You can purchase this beauty for P2499. Kindly visit Kure Skin's Instagram page.

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