Innisfree TrueCare Non-Nano Sunscreen SPF 48 PA+++ Review

Let’s talk about the sunscreen from Innisfree's TrueCare line, the Non-Nano Sunscreen SPF 48 PA+++. This product blocks not just UV rays but also blue light (the ones coming from mobile phones and computers). To set your expectation, this is a physical sunscreen and it will normally have white cast like most mineral sun protectors do. I think Innisfree wants to set this sunblock apart from others so they created this with a tinted base function. And I appreciate that. 

Innisfree TrueCare Non-Nano Sunscreen

UV Filter/ Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide - This ingredient acts as a shield from UV rays and this is the white cast culprit. The Non-Nano ingredients don’t get absorbed by the skin making this sunscreen gentle and great for sensitive skin.

Observation: The 25 ml product comes in a plastic squeeze tube container. It has a tone up formula that gives a pinkish tint. It smells like the typical mineral sunscreen-ish scent but apart from that, there’s no other fragrance.

It’s good because...
  1. it is easy to spread.
  2. I like the rosy glow it gives, it’s almost like glass skin.
  3. it does not feel hefty, stuffy and greasy.
  4. it is indeed gentle and does not irritate my skin.

Even better if... none for me.

Conclusion: I appreciate Innisfree True Care Non-Nano Sunscreen for its gentleness and its rosy dewy finish. It’s actually better a couple of minutes after application and looks nice under powder. A common issue for physical sunscreens will always be the white cast so people with darker skin tones may need to use this carefully. Moreover, I will definitely reach out on this product during those moments I need immediate sun protection (no need to wait for 20 minutes like in chemical spfs) and those times I’m too lazy to use a bb or compact cushion.

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