Thiogen-E Dietary Supplement Review

"Mommy, you look whiter.", my 9-year-old said. I know that I don't look whiter than my original skin color and I'm certain she meant I look brighter. Aside from doing my consistent skincare routine, I have Thiogen-E Dietary Supplement that I must thank the glow for. This is the first time I've used beauty supplements and the brand was able to meet my expectations.

Thiogen-E Dietary Supplement

I was generously gifted with 2 boxes and each box contains 40 capsules.

The green-colored pill is the Glow Capsule which contains Glutathione and Vitamin C. This should be taken every morning to achieve glow and healthy body inside.

The white-colored one is the Ageless Capsule which carries Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Tomato White Extract. This one is for night time and aims to fight the signs of aging, enhance skin's moisture and protect skin from UV damage.

Expectation: I have naturally fair skin and I don't want anymore whiteness whatsoever. Thankfully, I don't have any acne scars that needs to be lightened. I just want a more radiant and clear skin like I have been consistently sleeping for 8 hours every night. Does it sound too much? Lol. You know here in the Philippines, Glutathione is associated with skin-lightening. I like that Thiogen-E does not promise to make the skin whiter but rather make it glow.

Experience: On the first 3 days of use, I always have the urge to sleep. After more than 2 weeks of consumption, I notice decrease with oiliness on my nose area and the texture of my skin is more refined. Then just one morning, my daughter said the line while we were having breakfast. That's a validation that my complexion looks healthier and more glowing

Price: A box is priced at P2800. It sounds expensive but you're paying for all the excellent ingredients for your skin. Thiogen-E is available for purchase on their Shopee account (here's the link) and you may use my code THIOHERSH for 10% off.

Have you tried beauty supplements before? Please hare your experience.

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