Pyungkang Yul Moisture Skincare Set Review (Essence Toner + Moisture Serum + Nutrition Cream)

One of my favorite Kbeauty brands is Pyunkang Yul. Aside from its affordability, it's also very effective on my skin. I have not exhausted all their products yet so when I learned that Stylekorean is hosting a Try Me Review Me event with the brand, I immediately applied. I received Pyunkang Yul's Moisture Skincare Set that comes securely in a box and swaddled with Bojagi, a wrapping cloth that is used for gifts (a tradition in Korea). This particular Try Me Review Me event took place right in time for Chuseok Day or Korean Thanksgiving which makes it special.

The Moisture Skincare Set is from Pyunkang Yul's Up line and aims to rebalance the oil-moisture level of the skin. It is recommended for skin types that are dry, troubled, fragile and those which lack elasticity. As of this writing, it costs $39.90 (discounted) which you may purchase through this link. The set consists of: 

  • Essence Toner 200 ml
  • Moisture Serum 100 ml
  • Nutrition Cream 100 ml

For this occasion, I decided to deviate from my previous style of writing a product review. I normally make one review per product but I realized, while using the set, that these 3 products are meant to be together.

Essence Toner

I've used toners that are almost serum-like in consistency and not a fan of it. Good thing, Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner has runny yet slightly viscous texture and gets absorb by the skin pretty fast. It does not have any scent, same with the serum and cream in the set. The key ingredient of this toner is Milk Vetch Root Extract, an antioxidant that revitalize the skin and acts as a skin tonic

This toner made my skin smooth after usage. But to my surprise, it gave matte feels, quite unusual for an essence toner. It didn't make my skin feel tight or anything but I was expecting it to be more hydrating as what it says on paper. I used my little tester and found out that it has a pH level of around 7. Though it is considered neutral, skincare products with this pH are already quite drying on my skin. As a standalone toner, I think this product will suit our friends who have oily and combo skin and those living in hot and humid areas.

Moisture Serum

This product contains 15 essential ingredients such as Coptis Japonica Root Extracts for skin soothing and Olive fruit oil for moisturizing. The key ingredient can be confusing because some sites say it's Milk Vetch Root Extract (same as Essence Toner) but Inci and Skincarisma says its Coptis Japonica so I am noting the latter. The serum has a milky consistency and feels moist once spread on the skin. I like that the serum sinks through right away. In my opinion, the pipette is too short for the bottle so I may have to tilt it once I need to get to the last drop.

This serum, for me, is the heart of the set and an easy favorite. It gave the hydration I was looking for! My face feels moisturized, soft and supple. After application, this serum provides satin and healthy-looking finish. I like to put a lot it on my face because it does not give me any uncomfortable tackiness. I love the moisture outside and the hydration inside.

Nutrition Cream

This cream contains Macadamia Seed Oil that restores the skin's barrier function, prevents water loss and protects skin from environmental damage. This product has a gel-like creamy texture and feels very rich. It didn't come with a spatula but I honestly don't mind as I have a lot of spare in my drawer.

I can feel the abundance of the nutrients as I spread the cream on my face. It makes my skin greasy at first but once it gets absorbed, it gives a dewy and glass skin finish. Surprisingly, it's the kind of greasiness that does not feel awkward. I only use this at night so when I wake up in the morning, that's when I see the maximum effect. Gone are the grease and shine, maybe they're on my pillows, but my skin looks so healthy and glowing. 


Despite my mixed feelings with the Essence toner, I know that this is a powerful skincare set. I think the Essence Toner gives way for the Moisture Serum and the Nutrition Cream to properly settle as the textures of these two are on the heavier side. In short, they compliment each other and they work as a team.

One thing's for sure: this set gave a lot of joy to my skin. From the ingredients to packaging, I appreciate the brand's philosophy of minimalism. I read this a lot on paper yet Pyungkang Yul Moisture Skincare Set amplifies that caring for the skin inside is also as important as caring for it on the outside.

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