Tiam Vita Refre-C Toner Review

Dear Tiam,
I’ve heard about you for quite a while before receiving this beautiful Vita Refre-C Toner this year. I remember unboxing the PR package and posted it on my IG story. Then, you messaged me saying that the the Vitamin C button on the bottle has already been pressed and you’re going to send me a replacement. Thank you for allowing me to experience the product’s full potential.
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hershey from Philippines

Hello guys! How are your Holidays going on so far? Anyway, this is part of the letter I wrote when I joined Tiam's Christmas Photogenic contest on Instagram. Now, let me share with you my thoughts about this product.

Tiam Vita Refre-C Toner

According to Stylekorean website, this toner is a blend of antioxidant-rich Vitamin C and Vitamin E that works to protect the skin from free radicals and helps revitalize the skin for a vibrant and healthy-looking complexion.

Key Ingredients:
  • Vitamin C - reduces dark spots and even outs skin tone
  • Vitamin E - prevents skin aging and provides nourishment and hydration
  • Niacinamide - skin brightening

Observation: I received an orange bottle with the Vitamin C powder separated from the liquid formula. I pressed the Vitamin C button upon receipt of the product, shook the bottle to mix and stored the 100 ml toner in the fridge. Doing so, will prevent the Vitamin C from oxidizing right away. I like using the product cold especially in the morning when I need to be awake in an instant. The liquid does not have any fragrance.

It's good because...
  1. provides brightening effect on my skin especially during the days I lack sleep.
  2. it doesn't leave any sticky residue after application. 
  3. it makes my skin plump and smooth.

Even better if... none!

✨ This is my first Tiam product and one of my top toners this 2020I can't say if my dark spots have improved because I don't have any (lucky girl hehe) but in terms of making my skin vibrant and revitalized, I am happy to say that this toner delivers. This product is not meant to stay long in the stash as it only has 3 months PAO (period after opening) but nevertheless, I am enjoying this in my routine until it lasts.

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