Celimax Noni Series (The Real Energy Noni Toner, Ampoule and Repair Cream) Review

To be honest, I haven’t heard of Noni fruit my entire life. The only time I learned about it was when I received this beautiful PR package from Celimax. The products gifted to me are from the brand’s Noni series and they are an amazing addition to my skincare routine.

Noni Fruit Extract has healing and rejuvenating properties due to its high amounts of vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamin A & C. Antioxidants protect our skin from UV damage and strengthens skin’s natural protective barrier.

The Real Noni Series Set

🌿 The Real Noni Moisture Balancing Toner (P1000)- My favorite product in the set comes in a sturdy bottle. It has an earthy medicinal scent like that of mugwort. I store this in my skincare fridge and use it cold. It has a watery consistency and gets absorbed by the skin pretty well. I like that it leaves my skin hydrated.

🌿 The Real Noni Energy Ampoule (P1099)- I heard that its dropper bottle is amazing and realized the mechanism is the same as one of the ampoules from The Plant Base. I like that everything is neat about this product: packaging, application and the effects on my skin. The ampoule may be tacky at first but once it sinks through, it makes my skin dewy and supple.

🌿 The Real Noni Energy Repair Cream (P1200)- This mint green colored cream is housed in a squeeze tube container. The fragrance is the same as the toner only that it’s a lot stronger, which I like because it feels relaxing and soothing to me. I used this during the colder days of January and it gave a healthy dewy finish. When the nights are starting to get warm again, I lessen the cream on my face because it tends to get greasy when I put a lot.

✨ π—©π—²π—Ώπ—±π—Άπ—°π˜: Overall, I am impressed with this line. Using the products for 2 weeks made my skin a lot brighter and I didn’t have any breakouts. I guess all the soothing and protection claims really work. Now, I’m eyeing on their Noni Refresh Clay Mask! πŸ‘€ Thank you Celimax for letting me try these products. 

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