I'm From Rice Mask Review

In Asia, rice is a staple food. Filipinos eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner but did you know rice can be used in skincare too? Wishtrend sent me this Rice Mask from I'm From. I have tried the brand's toner (my holy grail!), serum and cream and I have enjoyed them all. This is the last product from the line to try and I am expecting to be that good too.

I'm From Rice Mask

This mask contains Rice Bran and Powder to exfoliate dead skin cells. It also has Vitamins B1, B2 and Rice Water to firm enlarged pores. As this is more of a physical scrub, it is best used on damp skin.

Observation: The 110 ml product comes in a sturdy glass jar, same as the other masks from the brand. The mask has a white creamy texture with rice grains and husks. It smells sweet and powdery, just the way I like. Washing off is a bit tricky as the mask tends to leave a layer of film on the face.

It's good because..
🌾 After rinsing, my face feels plump and soft.
🌾 I can see the brightening effect on my skin.
🌾 The granules didn’t hurt as long as the mask is applied gently

❗️ Even better if... none for me.

Verdict: Overall, I like this mask because of its quick and visible effects. The rinsing part is not a problem to me. I exfoliate 2-3x a week and I will give a spot for this physical exfoliator.

I'm From Rice Mask costs $28 at Wishtrend. Use my code HERSHEY15 for 15% off and my affiliate link here.

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