I'm From Pear Soothing Pad & Serum Review

Do you like the pear fruit? I do. Do you know that it can be an ingredient for skincare too? I'm From is known to use natural ingredients for their products and they did it again on this pair: I'm From Pear Soothing Pad and Serum. Wishtrend sent me these new goodies and it's now time for my review.

I'm From Pear Soothing Pad

This soothing pad has 75% of Wild Pear Leaves. Pears contain Luteolin which promotes cooling and soothing benefits on troubled skin. The pads also brings hydration through Hyaluronic Acid.

The product comes in a jar that holds 60 pads. Each pad measures 2.55 inches and is made up of biodegradable eco pure cotton. It also carries a spatula which makes application easy and hygienic. It doesn't have any scent and I notice how soaked the pads are.

I use this like a toner pad after I wash my face. It can also be utilized as a face mask especially on areas that needs extra soothing or moisture.

It delivers the hydration it promises. I was having a bit of irritation on one side of my cheek due to constant use of face masks and the product was able to alleviate it. The pad itself is soft and comfortable and I like that I can still pat it on my knees and elbows after using it on my face. It may not be ideal for travelling as the jar is really huge and will take up space.

I'm From Pear Serum

Now this serum that contains 83% Wild Pear Leaves. Just like the soothing pad, it also aims to calm irritated skin.

The product is housed in a sturdy pump bottle. The container looks the same as the brand's Rice Serum but the Pear one is of different color (yellow). The serum doesn't have any fragrance and has a watery and light texture.

I apply this product on my face after I use the soothing pad.

Whenever I use this serum, it takes time before it sinks through my skin. Maybe because the pad I use prior is already amply hydrating as it is. As a standalone product, it provides moisture but doesn't feel heavy on my face. 


This Pear pair is recommended for people who have dry and troubled skin. These products are good to use especially now that we're wearing masks and that tend to irritate the skin. Both products are nice but for my combination skin, the pads will already suffice.

You may get these two at Wishtrend using this link.

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