Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero Review

In line with hundreds of Korean beauty brands out there, is relatively new face called Be The Skin. It's the first time I heard of the brand and apparently, there's not much to see about it on google yet. Stylekorean sent me a skincare set from Be The Skin to try. The brand may be a newbie to my ears but I actually had a good experience using these products.

Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero

I guess the reason why KBeauty skincare is so successful is that the brands have the same principle: natural ingredients + technology to create their products. According to, 

Be the Skin's went on a five-year quest to find the perfect combination of luxurious herbs, botanical and technology to create this remarkable brand. Be The Skin's top four skincare lines, all formulated to hydrate and beautify from deep within.

Be The Skin's BHA + Pore Zero line consists of a cleansing foam, toner, serum and cream. The star ingredient is called Willow-BHA™, a naturally derived BHA component extracted from white Willow Bark. What is Willow Bark anyway? Willow Bark is a plant and its extract is known to be a gentler version of Salicylic Acid. Both ingredients aim to exfoliate but Willow Bark extract has lower risk and can be used on sensitive skin. 

Now let me share with you my thoughts about each product:

Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero Cleansing Foam

The 150 ml cleanser is housed in a squeeze tube container. It lathers quickly and generously. It also contains a patented green fruit ingredient (shine muscat, green papaya, green apple and blue plum) to protect the skin barrier during washing. True enough, this product doesn't make my skin dry and tight after use.

For its main thing as a cleanser, it does its job. However, I just don't like the scent. It's overpowering and it lingers. I am not good at describing scents but in my feeble attempt, I think smells like a bit of Tea Tree and minty at the same time. 

Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero Toner

Let's talk about one of my favorite steps in skincare: toner. Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero toner has the highest Willow-BHA™ content (85%) among the products in the set.

The 150 ml toner and comes in a clear slender bottle. It doesn't have any fragrance and has a lightweight watery texture. One thing I like about this product is that it has velvety feels after application and dries quickly. This is my favorite in the set.

Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero Serum

If the toner is my fave, Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero Serum for me is the second best. This product is formulated with 1%
Willow-BHA™. The green serum also consists of naturally-derived chlorophyll extracted from green plants to supply freshness and comfort to the skin.

It has a scent like that of the cleanser but minimal and tolerable. The skin takes it in after application and no sticky residue noted. I like using my serums cold so it adds up to the experience. 

Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero Cream

The last product to discuss is the last step of the routine: Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero Cream. This moisturizer aims to deliver anti-aging and brightening effects to the skin. It helps with dark spots and aids with skin regeneration.

The 35 ml cream is in a slim tube container with a nozzle tip. Having this nozzle tip makes the application easy and neat as you don't need to dip your finger in a jar. The cream provides a semi-dewy finish. It is moisturizing but not heavy on the skin.


I didn't feel any irritation while using all the products so I can say that Be The Skin BHA + Pore Zero line is hypoallergenic for my skin type. I notice that my pores are tighter and the set really did brighten my skin. Maybe one thing I'd like to ponder on is why the brand uses the word "Zero" on their products? I highly doubt that there'll be someone who will have zero pores. I know it's part of marketing but maybe that's too much for a promise?

You may get these products from Stylekorean using this link. Be The Skin products are on 50+% off as of this writing. You may also use Coupon code: TRYBETHESKIN for additional 10% off (Expiration: October 9, 2021).

Thanks for reading my blog review.


  1. Hi! I have an opportunity to try this product too. For me the Cleansing Foam is also has strong scent. It's like a scent on Men's Product. But instead of the scent it's work to clean my face. The others is ok. I love the toner too. :D

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