Yon-Ka Paris Massage Candle Taiga Review

After a long, busy and stressful week, I must treat myself with a well-deserving relaxation. Due to COVID pandemic, I'm not yet comfortable getting spa services somewhere. Now, there's a spa-like experience that you can do at home through Yon-Ka Paris Massage Candle Taiga. This is the first massage candle I’ve tried and it provided me (and my husband) a pleasant self-care experience.

The candle's scent reminds me of nature and it has relaxing and subtle fragrances of woodsy pine, cypress and citrus. Its ingredients are Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Sesame Oil, and Mango Butter for repairing, restructuring, nourishing the skin. 
When lit (let it burn for 15 minutes), it produces oil that can be applied on the body for massage. The oil doesn’t feel hot and it can be directly applied on the skin. 

This month is the Holiday season and this is a perfect give for someone who loves candles and to those who enjoy pampering themselves.

I prepared a short clip of me (or my hands) using this beautiful candle. You may purchase this product through this link.


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